For the same reason, I would not recommend using books and hard copies of data as your study material as they can be outdated. Joydip is passionate about building cloud-based applications and has been providing solutions to various multinational clients. Being a java programmer and an AWS certified cloud architect, he loves to design, develop, and integrate solutions. Amidst his busy work schedule, Joydip loves to spend time on writing blogs and contributing to the opensource community. As AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner certification exam focuses on the commercial application of AWS, Billing & Pricing becomes an integral topic for applicants.

In the third domain, you need to understand the key tools that enable you to configure and monitor your AWS resources. But if you’re a beginner in the Cloud industry, all the available content might be overwhelming and you don’t know if the information is of high quality and helps you become a better engineer. This exam contains 65 questions, out of which 50 questions affect the score, and 15 questions are classified as unscored questions. To evaluate these unscored questions as scored questions in the future, AWS collects information on applicants’ performance on unscored questions. The certification aids organizations in identifying and developing personnel with vital expertise in cloud implementation.

Domain 2: Security and compliance

The content is designed and delivered by AWS experts to help you understand the core concepts of AWS. AWS keeps changing its infrastructure and services ver frequently, so you should be careful when choosing the right course for your preparation. If you choose an outdated course, instead of helping you get the certification, it might hinder your chances of passing the exam.

Hopefully, you found this article helpful and have a better understanding of what the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification entails. Lastly, the AWS certifications are valid for three years, and you will need to renew them once they expire. In this article, I will list the current AWS certifications and go into more detail about the Cloud Practitioner certification.

Career Opportunities for AWS Cloud Practitioners

Take it one step at a time, and I’m confident you’ll be able to make your way through the exam material! Every domain is important, despite the different percentages, and there’s definitely a lot of information to be consumed. As with some of the other domains, you should be aware of where you should go to find resources and support for billing related questions and issues. Other services will definitely come up, so you should have aws certified cloud practitioner a high-level understanding of them, especially in the categories of Compute, Storage, Security, Networking & Content Delivery, and Databases. It’s important to get a general understanding of how compliance concepts and security work together to make AWS Cloud secure and keep data safe. These services do everything from help you secure and optimize your AWS infrastructure to protecting your web applications from DDoS attacks.

It would also be ideal if the candidates also have an understanding of the AWS implementation and development and various tools used for it. If the candidate can take up the Cloud Practitioner Essentials course, that would also help build a strong base for the candidates to face the AWS Cloud Practitioner certification exam. The AWS Cloud Practitioner qualifies you to apply for the jobs that have cloud knowledge as a required or preferred skill. It is useful for people from technical, managerial, sales, or finance fields who want to grow into their role for growth or better opportunities. It is highly recommended for people who want to join the cloud industry with the ability to clearly and concisely communicate with technical and non-technical stakeholders across all levels of the organization. The AWS Certified Machine Learning – Speciality cert is one of the newer certifications and focuses on, well, machine learning.

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